Avala Tower


Avala tower is a telecommunication tower situated on the Mount Avala in Belgrade, Serbia. The magnificent tower stands 672 ft tall and is one of the tallest structures in Serbia as well as the highest tower on the Balkan Peninsula. The tower is one of the major tourist attractions in Serbia because of its exclusive design. It has an unusual tripod concrete base structure which symbolizes the Serbian tripod chair, and an equilateral triangle as its cross-section. It is the only tower in the world that doesn’t sit directly into the ground, instead, it is standing on its legs. The original tower was built during 1961-1965. The tower was designed by the Serbian architect Uglijesa Bogunovic and engineer Slobodan Janjic. It was considered a pioneering design of its time. On completion, it was among the top 10 tallest towers in the world. The tower has an observation deck to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the city that will leave you spellbound.


Sight from Avala mountain



On 29th April 1999, the tower was destroyed by the NATO bombardment. One of the bombs struck one of the Avala’s legs, causing the tower to collapse completely. The bombing was orchestrated to abolish the Radio Television Serbia, which was a significant source of information during the war. Prior to the bombing, the station’s power supply was destroyed to stop the transmission, but a senior military officer installed a backup generator. The bombardment was intended to take down the Radio station permanently, however, the broadcast station prevailed as it was relayed on a network of local TV stations which broadcast its programming throughout the country. The Avala Tower was an iconic landmark not only in Serbia but in the Yugoslavia as well and its destruction was a major blow for the country.



Just like the Belgrade itself, which has been destroyed and rebuilt 40 times, Avala Tower also rose from the ashes of the heinous attack and today stands as a monument of the country’s strength and pride. In 2004, a campaign was launched to restore the structure, and more than one million Euros were raised from public donations. In 2006, the construction of the new structure began. In April 2010, the new tower which is an exact copy of the original tower, except its 2 m tall, was opened for public.


Unknown hero monument


Where it’s Located?

Avala tower is located in Beli Potok, which falls under Belgrade. It’s a distance of hardly 20 km south to the base of Mount Avala, where the tower sits. If you want to get to Avala from downtown Belgrade, it will take approximately 30 minutes by car and 40 min by bus.



Best Time to Visit Avala Tower

The Avala tower is open for visitors all year round, but because it is a heavily forested area with tranquil walking trails, there is never a more magical time to visit Avala than early spring or summers. With live music and performances on the Avala promenade beneath the tower, summer has an additional advantage. Though winters are not bad at all and still makes for a beautiful trip, as the vicinity is covered with snow and you can enjoy enchanting views and amazing scenery from the tower. At the top of Avala mountain, tv tower is not the only attraction. You can visit the Monument of an unknown hero and a park around it. It is an ideal place to visit on a short sightseeing tour around Belgrade.


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